In 1997, Shri ROSHAN LAL GARG created the groundwork for a successful manufacturing and trading company to provide the shoe, paint, rubber, masterbatch, plastic and synthetic leather sectors with high-quality chemicals and minerals from reputable international brands. Known as a frontrunner in the chemical and mineral manufacturing industry, we are not just a supplier but also a dynamic crew intent on assimilating the standards of many different marketplaces. The best part is that all the essential high-quality brands are available at all times in one convenient location and at prices and on competitive terms. Our competitive skills to manufacture the products make all of this possible.

After 25 years in business, we have carved out a special niche for ourselves and attracted many satisfied clients. We are now active all across India. Cooperating with a distinct group of highly regarded international companies, they aim to create a long-term trust fund and strong ties between all parties involved. Working with major corporations has allowed us to manufacture and supply high-quality chemicals at competitive prices and full access to the latest technologies.

Because we are a reputable and top-tier manufacturer, we have set up a fully functional infrastructure to guarantee the on-time delivery of all orders, including a storage facility and the necessary logistics infrastructure. Our dedication and commitment to our sites have allowed us to provide our customers with the finest products possible. We strive to meet our customer's ever-evolving needs by manufacturing products adaptable to the dynamic global market.

We are primarily concerned with the arrangement of first-rate products and services. To keep our clients pleased, we work hard to anticipate their requirements and meet them before they even ask for them. Our most cherished customers are treated more like partners than customers in our business. SGC has achieved prominent Distributor status due to our commitment to the highest standards of quality and reliability in all aspects of the environment. Offering the best that we have to the community we have chosen to stay a part of is a mission that will continue.

You Can Have Faith in Us!

To put it simply, we are not a profit-driven enterprise. Instead, we prioritize establishing a rapport of trust with our customers. Our company always does what is right, what is honest, and what is fair to strengthen our relationships with our customers. We have built a solid market reputation and many satisfied customers.

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