Pigments are natural or synthetic compounds that give a surface or substance color. They are widely used in a wide range of applications. They can be derived from a number of different sources, including minerals, plants, and animals.

Anti Moisture Powder

Anti-Moisture Powder is a type of powder that absorbs moisture and prevents mold, mildew, and other microorganisms from growing. It is widely used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, food packaging, electronics, and textiles, to protect products from moisture damage.

Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals are typically mass-produced and subject to stringent regulations to ensure their safety and proper handling. These chemicals are tested under various parameters to ensure their high quality and effectiveness. They are very economical and safe to use.

Precipitated Silica

 Precipitated Silica is commonly used in rubber, coatings, plastics, and adhesives. This has a high surface area and porosity, making it an effective thickening agent in a variety of industrial products. It is also very pure, making it suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.


Stearate is a fatty acid found in animal and vegetable fats and oils. It is widely used in a wide range of industrial applications, including lubricants, plastics, coatings, and cosmetics. It can also be used in various formulations as thickeners, emulsifiers, and stabilizers.

Ultramarine Blue

ULTRAMARINE BLUE is extremely stable and chemically resistant, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments. It is used as a colorant in a variety of products, in addition to as a pigment. It is safe for use in consumer goods.



Zinc Oxide

ZINC OXIDE is commonly used in paints, coatings, and plastics as a white pigment. It is a critical component in the manufacture of electronics and semiconductors. It is generally regarded as safe for use in a variety of applications.


PVC STABILIZER is treated with heat stabilisers to prevent thermal degradation during processing and use. This has been used for many years but is now being phased out due to environmental concerns, are among the most commonly used stabilizers.


MINERALS are required for a variety of biological processes, including bone and tooth formation, muscle contraction, and nerve function. They are considered valuable resources and are mined and extracted for commercial purposes. They are highly appreciated by people.

Adcl Blowing Agent

ADCL BLOWING AGENT has a low global warming potential compared to many other blowing agents, which is one of its main advantages. FPL-ADCL is also non-flammable and has a high insulating value, making it a good choice for insulation.

Chemical Colors

Chemical Colors, as opposed to natural colours derived from plants, animals, and minerals, are created in laboratories through chemical reactions and are typically more vibrant and stable than natural colors. They however have been linked to health and environmental concerns.

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